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Commercial Vehicle Inspection

full service preventative maintenance

Commercial Vehicle Inspection (CVIP)

What does a Commercial Vehicle Inspection cover at Universal Ford Fleet?

At Universal Fleet, we offer a comprehensive multi-point commercial vehicle inspection covering many aspects of a commercial vehicle, including the power train, suspension, brakes, steering, instruments and auxiliary equipment, lamps, electrical systems, body, tires and wheels, couplers and hitches.

  • Exhaust system
  • Suspension & Frame
  • Brake System Components
  • Steering Control & Linkage
  • Self Steer & Controlled-Steer Axle
  • Kingpins
  • Tire Tread Depth
  • Tire Tread Condition
  • Hitch Assembly, Structure & Attaching Components
  • Wiring
  • Frame Rails & Mounts
  • Body, Device or Equipment Attached or Mounted to the Vehicle
  • Fender/Mud Flap
  • Numerous other items

With each completed commercial vehicle inspection, a record of inspection (ROI) will be provided regardless of whether the vehicle passed the inspection or not. Shaw Fleet is required to retain a copy of the Record of Inspection for our records. Determinations of whether a vehicle passes or fails can only be made at inspection time. An inspection is intended to provide you with information on the vehicle’s current condition.

A report will be provided if a vehicle passes inspection, and a decal will be affixed to the vehicle. It is recommended that a copy of the inspection report always be carried in the vehicle, with the original document kept in safe storage at the principal place of business.

If a commercial vehicle fails the inspection, then our experienced technicians and licensed mechanics will complete your Commercial Vehicle Inspection at our authorized facility and perform the work required to make sure your commercial vehicle is within compliance.


Our experienced mechanics know all the fleet vehicles literally inside and out. Let us get your vehicle back to work!